Embroidery Digitizing software training for all digitizing levels with SWF Design Maxx software, Forte Digitizing software and Melco DesignShop Pro embroidery Digitizing software
Melco designshop digitizing software training videos for design shop pro punching software.  Reading the EDS manual is great, but this is better. These videos will make learning Melco designshop software a breeze.  This video series is the only digitizing training that focuses only on Melco DesignShop software and not only goes over the tools but covers digitizing theory.  Prices for Melco design shop software training at the moment is free, however as soon as there are enough videos for a DVD there will be a price for Melco designshop pro training videos.  Feel free to email me suggestions on what type of digitizing tricks you would like to see and I will do my best to post them to this site.  Enjoy the FREE Melco DesignShop Pro digitizing training videos.



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Free Melco Design Shop Pro Training Videos

Melco Design Shop is one of the best commercial digitizing programs out there.  I started using it when it was EDS IV having never really dabbled in EDS III (window 3.1, I don't think so).  I am slowly accumulating enough videos to put together a digitizing training DVD focused on using the Design Shop digitizing software.  There are two other digitizing training series out there, but both use a different software.  Both are very good, however life is so much easier being trained on the software you use (wouldn't you agree?)

Making two color lettering

This lesson will go over using keyboard fonts to
make 2 color lettering

Letter Spacing This lesson will go over the different ways to fine tune your letter spacing, including a little known letter spacing trick
DST editing This lesson explains how to convert pieces of a digitized design saved in a machine running file format back into wire frame and then edit
Placing letters on an ARC This lesson will go over arcing letters above and below a design

More Melco Design Shop Digitizing Training Videos

Melco Design Shop Adding Lettering To An Existing Design
 Melco Design Shop Color Palette
 Melco Design Shop Design Level
 Melco Design Shop Design Origin
 Melco Design Shop Element Level
 Melco Design Shop Opening Designs
 Melco Design Shop Redraw Toolbar
 Melco Design Shop Rotate Designs
 Melco Design Shop Scaling Designs
 Melco Design Shop Auto Applique
 Melco Design Shop Machine Photo Fill
Melco Design Shop Stitch Vector Objects
 Melco Design Shop Digitizing Column Shapes
 Melco Design Shop Digitizing Complex Column Shapes
 Melco Design Shop Digitizing Complex Fill Shapes
 Melco Design Shop Digitizing Single Line Input Shapes
 Melco Design Shop Walk Bean Stitches
 Melco Design Shop Embroidery Machine Bezier Mode
 Melco Design Shop Embroidery Machine Digitizing Overview









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